Global sourcing

global sourcing

Global sourcing conceals chances and risks at the same time. Above all global sourcing is a chance to substantially reduce your company’s total expenditure and to help enhancing your business activities throughout the world.

However, experience shows if you do not manage it properly global sourcing can turn into a real nightmare with dramatic effects under the bottom line. Non-compliance of required quality standards, unpunctual deliveries, lack of trust and insufficient communication are just some of these challenges companies can be faced with.

To avoid these dares a reliable partner equipped with the specific know-how and the necessary experience is essential in the respective sourcing market.

newageasia is specialized on global sourcing and provides you integrated solutions in this field of business. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs in a long-term relationship; from the supplier selection to the shipment of goods.

Quality control

quality control - newageasia

Ensuring quality control is an important issue especially when sourcing from China or other developing Asian countries. No matter how competent the supplier may seem, it is highly advisable to inspect the goods before shipment, especially the initial order. Therefore, from the beginning of the sourcing process it is an essential issue to know and to choose the right supplier who can meet your demands.

Inspecting a products quality at all stages of the sourcing chain is a must. To catch potential weaknesses early and verify the quality before shipment we provide four types of quality inspection services to our customers:

  • factory auditing / pre-production inspection
  • during-production inspection
  • final random inspection
  • container loading inspection

Contract management

contract management

When you negotiate a supply contract with a Chinese supplier, you need to be aware of certain issues that do not apply to negotiations with domestic suppliers. Although a written document between you and your supplier is the best thing to have, you may still encounter some difficulty in pursuing legal action if things go wrong. Therefore, it is our advice to you to engage the services of a competent local lawyer who can create a customized purchase agreement just for your specific business thus protect your interests.

Based on thorough analysis and support from local lawyers, we consult our customers in all matters of contract formation and help to protect you against disadvantages.

Customs clearance

customs clearance

Customs clearance can be a quiet challenging issue when sourcing in low-cost-countries. As your reliable partner for sourcing activities we also streamline the clearance of your shipments through Customs in the respective countries. In cooperation with our suppliers we clarify all the necessary paperwork to make business processes for our customers much easier. This can not only help to minimize delays but also save your money.



Container shipping is the most common and usually the most cost effective way to ship products from the country of origin to the target market. There are different ways to transport containers before it reaches the destination: by air, railway, ocean cargo ship, barge or truck. Depending on a country’s requirements, each of them conceals its own challenges and can be a difficult task without an experienced and trustworthy freight forwarder. This is especially true if the container has to be warehoused, sent through customs, or inspected along the way.

In collaboration with our internationally experienced freight forwarding partners we negotiate the best possible prices to move your products along the most economical route by choosing the one that best balances speed, cost and reliability.