On this page you can find the frequently asked questions about the business in Asia. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, or if you want clarification, please feel free to contact us.
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What is a sourcing company?

As the name already says, a sourcing company is specialized in finding a source for materials. In practice a sourcing company is buying different products on behalf of its customers from allover the world and brings buyer and supplier together. Generally, the sourcing company is in charge of identifying and evaluating potential suppliers as well as negotiating and monitoring the products price and quality that is required from buyer’s side.

Why do I need a sourcing company?

Sourcing from different countries can be a very challenging and head aching task for those who never did it before. This applies especially in sourcing from south-east Asian countries such as China. Cultural issues, language and communication problems, different quality awareness as well as governmental regulations are the most common underestimated challenges many companies can be faced with. Therefore, a sourcing company is the right partner to save you a lot of money and avoid mistakes from the beginning of the sourcing project. An extensive network of reliable suppliers, a cross-cultural team and strong negotiation skills are just some of the numerous advantages in cooperating with a sourcing company.

What kind of products are we sourcing?

We are focused on any kind of industrial and agricultural products.

What is the advantage of sourcing in south-east Asia, especially in China?

There are many advantages of sourcing in south-east Asia. Low prices, continuously increasing quality standards, skilled work forces and a huge number of potential suppliers for all kind of products are just a few to mention. Especially China is well known as being the factory of the world, and there isn't anything that has not been produced or manufactured in China. China’s economy has shown exceptional growth since entering the WTO and many foreign companies have already benefited from this amazing growth. Today, China represents a huge opportunity not only to import any kind of products but also to export your products to here.

How do I know that the products I will buy have the appropriate quality?

Although many Chinese manufacturers have improved their product and service quality in recent years it is still necessary and advisable to control quality processes. In cooperation with independent quality inspection agents we assure to meet your quality standards. To catch potential weaknesses early and verify the quality before shipment we provide four types of quality inspection services to our customers:

  • factory auditing / pre-production inspection
  • during-production inspection
  • final random inspection
  • container loading inspection

By request we send samples of the needed products to our customers before the manufacturing process starts.

Is there a minimum quantity for buying products in China?

One concern many small buyers have is the minimum order quantity imposed by almost every manufacturer in China. In general, you save more money in the sourcing process the more you buy. However, in cooperation with our suppliers we have figured out different ways to decrease these minimum quantities for you and still keep the prices low.

How long will it take to get my products?

Depending on the product and the means of transportation it can take up to 4 to 5 weeks. Container shipment, which is the most common and cheapest way of shipping goods, takes in average 30 days. Urgent needed products can be transported by air which takes just a few days but more expensive.

How do I pay for my purchases?

Prices are mostly quoted on CIF bases and in USD. CIF stands for cost, insurance, freight. In this case the exporter or supplier pays these costs. If the quotation states CIF Hamburg, thus the quoted price includes insurance coverage and freight up to Hamburg.

Depending on the destination of the shipped goods, sometimes it makes more sense to buy the products on FOB or EXW bases. In this case the purchaser is responsible for organizing of the shipment.

Accepted payments are T/T and L/C.

How to get started?

If you seriously consider sourcing a certain product from China the first step you need to do is to provide us as much information as you have about this product. Information such as technical specifications, drawings, special material, packaging or quality requirements, quantity and price are essential and can help to find the best supplier for you. The more detailed the information is the better we can scan the market and negotiate with potential suppliers.

For more information contact us. Our experts will explain you the next steps necessary to enhance your business in Asia and gain new partners.